Spectra’s Deep Storage Story

For nearly 40 years Spectra has focused on innovation in storage systems and solutions. The leaders in data intensive industries, government entities, and researchers rely on Spectra solutions that are optimised to support their specific workflows. Spectra has a rich ecosystem of leading solution providers combined with the only platform, BlackPearl, that provides a single interface to the industry’s leading tape and disk storage using cloud protocols.

Storage is a strategic part of how customers are protecting and preserving their digital assets – maximising the value they achieve from the data they store and use to:

  • Educate and entertain millions
  • Prevent crimes
  • Develop new cures
  • Improve predictions
  • Build new revenue streams
  • Comply with regulations

Spectra’s ecosystem of leading partners in high growth industries – such as Media and Entertainment, High Performance Computing, and Video Surveillance – provides core workflow software and solutions. They work with these partners to develop, sell, install and support a new generation of storage solutions based on a deep understanding of the workflows and storage requirements by industry.

Key features

Spectra works with its customers to help them rethink their approach to storage.

  • Massive amounts of data – Using cloud protocols to simplify application development, access to, and management of massive amounts of data – both near and long-term
  • Hybrid Cloud – Deploying hybrid cloud efficiently
  • Genetic diversity – Using the right mix of media to make smart trade-offs between speed of access and overall cost of storage
  • Digital preservation – Designing in redundancy through a standard workflow that includes a mix of media and offsite storage

Key markets

Video Surveillance

  • Organisations in many industries use video surveillance to improve safety and security, protect business assets, meet legal requirements, and much more. To meet these demands, organisations are installing additional high definition cameras and retaining video for longer periods.

High Performance Computing

  • High Performance Computing environments require storage of massive amounts of data forever, with the ability to quickly provide parallel access across the complete storage system to multiple users in any location, concurrently.

Media & Entertainment

  • With a focus on instant access of digital assets and monetisation of content, one of the most critical needs in the Media and Entertainment industry is to have access to your content when you need it.

Life Sciences

  • Life sciences, genomics, research, and biotech organisations are constantly creating data and using that data to conduct research. They have no way of knowing which piece of information will be critical. As a result of this, a vast amount of
    data must be captured and immediately archived in such a way that it remains easily accessible and quickly retrievable in the long-term.

Private Cloud Storage

  • As the true costs of public cloud are realised, hidden costs of public cloud retrieval and unpredictable access times to critical content, organisations with large amounts of data are turning to private cloud solutions.


To discover find out more about how Spectra's product portfolio fits into this storage ecosystem and can benefit your customers, please view the enterpise disk, enterprise tape or BlackPearl family pages. Alternatively, download Spectra's product overview.